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Planner Stickers – Murphy’s Law

My life is a complete mess! It's so unmanageable and I'm struggling. Nothing goes smoothly at all, not even this. Every time I want to do something specific and let's say for example it should take 15minutes, it'll take me half a day which then messes up everything else. I'm so behind on life, of… Continue reading Planner Stickers – Murphy’s Law


July Memory PlannerĀ 

So today my son is 1month and 2days old.  And so far today has been the easiest day I think.  You can tell my priorities though for sure.  I have laundry baskets of unfolded clean laundry,  a sink full of dishes, I haven't cooked anything for at least a week and my couch is cluttered.… Continue reading July Memory PlannerĀ