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Baby Update

My little guy is growing up so fast! We have been eating for 4 weeks total although at first I skipped 10 days really trying to wait till he could feed himself. Then I bought these little organic banana and sweet potatoe things I always call crackers and let him play with it. He fed… Continue reading Baby Update


Breastfeeding Photo Contest

Breastfeeding Photo Contest: please click the link and click the like button on Facebook to help Malakai and I win this contest!!! Photo with the most likes will be featured on the cover of the Breastfeeding Awareness Calendar for 2017! Other winners will be featured with their story throughout the calendar!  I love breastfeeding my… Continue reading Breastfeeding Photo Contest


Nursing and Bonding

My little guy is currently 10wks4dys. The whole first month I tracked his eating habits. Some days were well over 18 times coming in at a total of 10 plus hours. Pretty much that growth spurt cluster feeding caused me to back away from the app I was using. Seeing that on paper was a… Continue reading Nursing and Bonding