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A Really Inspiring Read when the Neediness Seems to be too much!

I found this searching for why my baby is so needy. I know he is high needs and my biggest focus is on trying to always figure out what he needs. I'm so sleep deprived and at times I like to read about it and see if there's anything I can add that will help… Continue reading A Really Inspiring Read when the Neediness Seems to be too much!

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21 Things to Teach Children

Ok so I'm not going to say 'hey you should teach your children these things' because we all have our own interests and to be honest there's things on this list I still need to learn but a conversation prompted thoughts about things I should definitely teach my children. Here's 21 brainstormed ideas, in no… Continue reading 21 Things to Teach Children

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Baby Update

My little guy is growing up so fast! We have been eating for 4 weeks total although at first I skipped 10 days really trying to wait till he could feed himself. Then I bought these little organic banana and sweet potatoe things I always call crackers and let him play with it. He fed… Continue reading Baby Update

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Trendy Mom’s

Apparently my 13yr old daughter thinks I'm raising her baby brother in trendy ways. She meant no harm and actually gave the best advice a mother ever gets, Do what feels right and comes natural to you, you don't need to be trendy. No hun I don't breastfeed to be trendy. She knows. It all… Continue reading Trendy Mom’s

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5  Hacks for Teething Babies – without medicine

My baby boy hasn't cut any teeth yet but boy is he close. At least I hope so. He started drooling and chewing on things quite a bit between 8 and 9 weeks but weeks 15 through 17 he has been in some obvious mouth pain. Here's a few things I've done for him that… Continue reading 5  Hacks for Teething Babies – without medicine


Future Intentions Nov 2016

Before I dive into my update that is needed based on my month absense, this post is essentially going to be my first blog about my monthly goals. I chose for now at least to name this Future Intentions. This month will not be a link up but in the future that would be a… Continue reading Future Intentions Nov 2016