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Planner Stickers – Murphy’s Law

My life is a complete mess! It's so unmanageable and I'm struggling. Nothing goes smoothly at all, not even this. Every time I want to do something specific and let's say for example it should take 15minutes, it'll take me half a day which then messes up everything else. I'm so behind on life, of… Continue reading Planner Stickers – Murphy’s Law


Ugly Sweater Planner Printables

So as you may know I'm busy busy busy with a baby, but sometimes I just gotta cram in a little time for crafts because if I don't I'm all crazy inside. What better way to spend a lot of hours this week than to create some stickers for my happy planner. And I'm writing… Continue reading Ugly Sweater Planner Printables


July Memory PlannerĀ 

So today my son is 1month and 2days old.  And so far today has been the easiest day I think.  You can tell my priorities though for sure.  I have laundry baskets of unfolded clean laundry,  a sink full of dishes, I haven't cooked anything for at least a week and my couch is cluttered.… Continue reading July Memory PlannerĀ