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Baby Update

My little guy is growing up so fast! We have been eating for 4 weeks total although at first I skipped 10 days really trying to wait till he could feed himself. Then I bought these little organic banana and sweet potatoe things I always call crackers and let him play with it. He fed… Continue reading Baby Update


Nursing and Bonding

My little guy is currently 10wks4dys. The whole first month I tracked his eating habits. Some days were well over 18 times coming in at a total of 10 plus hours. Pretty much that growth spurt cluster feeding caused me to back away from the app I was using. Seeing that on paper was a… Continue reading Nursing and Bonding


Oh the Misery of Cloth Diapering

"That's a great idea" "Look at all these cute prints I found!" "And the have snaps now???" "Forget grandma's old diapers!" "It'll be easy she said" "I'll save money""Oh hunny you should cloth, so easy just throw them in the washer and save money and the environment at the same time!!!" "It's so easy!" Haha,… Continue reading Oh the Misery of Cloth Diapering


I Suck at being a Mom 

Wow,  for the last week I've had some pretty mixed feelings and terrible shaming thoughts.  My DS is 6weeks today and I'm feeling blue.  I'm not depressed and it's not constant but at least 10 times a day my mood changes and it just seems to get worse. Maybe i just need a break.  I've… Continue reading I Suck at being a Mom