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A Really Inspiring Read when the Neediness Seems to be too much!

I found this searching for why my baby is so needy. I know he is high needs and my biggest focus is on trying to always figure out what he needs. I'm so sleep deprived and at times I like to read about it and see if there's anything I can add that will help… Continue reading A Really Inspiring Read when the Neediness Seems to be too much!

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Extreme Couponing 8/13/17

I don't think I'm going to take any pictures bbecause some of the stuff I did for my brother and he now has it at home, and I'm absolutely freaking exhausted from all the running the past 3 days but anyway I thought instead of posting to Instagram that I would blog my breakdown. First… Continue reading Extreme Couponing 8/13/17

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21 Things to Teach Children

Ok so I'm not going to say 'hey you should teach your children these things' because we all have our own interests and to be honest there's things on this list I still need to learn but a conversation prompted thoughts about things I should definitely teach my children. Here's 21 brainstormed ideas, in no… Continue reading 21 Things to Teach Children

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Viral Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo

So yesterday I saw a beautiful edited photo in a private breastfeeding group. I immediately was dying to getting around to making me one. Took awhile bc I was very ill today with a terrible migraine but it's finally backing off and I found a tree of life and a photo I wanted to use… Continue reading Viral Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo

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5 ¬†Hacks for Teething Babies – without medicine

My baby boy hasn't cut any teeth yet but boy is he close. At least I hope so. He started drooling and chewing on things quite a bit between 8 and 9 weeks but weeks 15 through 17 he has been in some obvious mouth pain. Here's a few things I've done for him that… Continue reading 5 ¬†Hacks for Teething Babies – without medicine