The Everyday Struggle

Why is everyday a struggle?

I try to do things differently, try to incorporate little habits to make things go more smoothly and it just seems to end up being a battle. A constant battle and one of which I always feel like I’m losing.

Do you wake up feeling like this every single day?

I know I do. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the strength to continue or make it through the day. I completely understand the desire for the need to completely check out of the physical world. I’ve had this feeling on more days than not most my life. Like obviously life would be easier if I took that route because I wouldn’t be here at all. That is absolutely not an option for me to follow through with, I don’t allow it to be, so for the last 2 plus years all I’ve tried to do is fight the feeling and figure out how to make it just alittle- not so hard. And nothing works life just gets harder! (Or so I think.)

But somehow, someway I find the strength each day, one day at a time to make it through all of life’s struggles.

And that’s the simplicity of it! Remember it’s one day at a time! Make it till tomorrow morning and start all over again. Don’t give up on things that really matter to you just take it alittle easier when things seem tough and tomorrow start again.

One of my best friends has this thing she says to me everytime I complain about not getting to something I thought I could get done.

It will still be there.

Someday I don’t get anything done like yesterday, but today is here now and every minute I’ve been awake I’ve faced another struggle but I’m fighting. Everything I didn’t do yesterday is still here waiting for me today. It’s not going anywhere!

I don’t understand the logic of her comment to this day, I always say that’s the problem I want to complete the task at hand so when tomorrow comes it isn’t here. But maybe today I understand at least in my own way maybe. It’ll still be there tomorrow because tomorrow I’ll still be here and that’s the true blessing. Maybe I don’t see this everyday but truthfully it is. I might be struggling but at least I’m alive today to have these struggles and for that I’m truly grateful. And when I’m no longer here, these things won’t even matter.

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