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Blessed with a ‘Wild’ Child

Can I just take a minute to tell all you wonderful readers how amazing my baby is. And tell myself! I’ll admit it, he’s wild and at times I get frustrated. But then I take a step back and think of all his great qualities! This kid is extraordinary in so many ways.

Some people (I) grew up in a negative environment with pessimistic parents, I don’t ever remember getting words of encouragement or good compliments as a child except from a few teachers when I excelled at something in class. So unfortunately my mind operates in a negative manner. I’ve actually been told I think and say things backwards or take things people say to me the wrong way. I’ve been working on this for a few years in different ways but yet I’ve not completely reprogrammed my mind into positive thinking yet and at times I catch myself being negative.

I think things like my son is crazy as in extremely wild and difficult to control, which is completely normal for his age but he is one of those children you see and think needs to be disciplined. I have thought that anyway, I don’t believe in any ‘punishment’ at all so it’s been a struggle finding ways to accept his behavior as part of his personality and find ways to distract him and keep the tantrums to a minimum without disrupting his character traits. I want to emphasize them into positive aspects instead of trying to change him.

The most important way is to not look at him as being bad. When he was just born everyone was asking me is he a good or bad baby? I would say he’s just a baby. He crys a lot and it’s hard at times but I don’t understand how anyone could say that was bad, it’s completely normal for babies to cry and wake up every 2 hrs. Now he’s a toddler and I’m exhausted and things haven’t been anything like I imagined and he’s constantly into everything, doesn’t listen when I say no, and purposely does things I tell him not to do. He understands me completely and he is able to express to me his needs in one way or another. So why doesn’t he obey me?

So when I think omg this kid is to wild, I remind myself that he’s adventurous. He has no fear and that is an exceptionally great quality in the real world. I dealt with anxiety for a very long time and was too afraid to fulfill my dreams, he is adventurous and explores everything, he will go after what he wants in life!

He’s very social as well. He loves to go anywhere, I almost have to leave the house just to let him have that time even when we have nothing to do. He smiles at everyone and tries to play with other children no matter where we are, the grocery store or out to eat if he sees anther tiny human he runs for it. No fear and so kind! He is so concerned when other babies are crying, and he’s also very funny. He will make many friends in life. I often say he’ll be the class clown! Again something I have been completely void of most of my life. He definitely brings me out of my comfort zone and well that’s an amazing thing in itself!

Right now he is completely and totally utterly obsessed with running the vacuum. This is where my crazy comes in. I listen to it for hours every day, he wants to leave it running even during other activities. But what is so amazing about it is that he actually vacuums the floor, the couch, the bed, every single thing he can. He has a very mechanical mind, very clean and detail oriented as well. If it accidentally comes unplugged and stops running he will immediately tip it over to check the bottom and begin tinkering with all the parts as if he’s fixing the sweeper. The cutest darn thing I’ve ever seen from an 18 month old.

He was born independent. He wants to do everything himself. This also drives me nuts because I fear for his safety all the time, but god forbid I try to help him move his stole or hold his hand down the stairs. I just let him practice and stay close by with my helping hand ready and available at all times. Independence is a great quality to have, you don’t have to rely on other people all the time to get things done, I just hope that some day when he’s talking that he’ll ask for my help because he is my baby and it makes me sad he hardly wants my help. I’m sure he will but right now he is learning everything he can.

Which leads me to his persistence. He is so resilient. I’ve never seen him give up trying to do anything at all! He gets frustrated, cries and even screams but he keeps pulling and pushing, and pushing me away. If he wants something, he makes it happen. I love watching him figure life out. He is so head strong and determined and an extremely great problem solver.

Well I didn’t have many examples of thinking negative about my baby. It’s usually just why is he so wild and hyper, why don’t he listen or why is he screaming. But I really just wanted to share all the amazing traits I love about him!

Thanks so much for reading! I’d love to hear from you the amazing qualities you see in your child! Leave me some more positive traits in the comment section and don’t forgot to like and subcribe to see more of my blog!

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