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Planner Setup 2018

I’m alittle late with this but if I get this post done in the next couple days it’ll be up 2 weeks after the new year and I’ll be comfortable knowing if I’ll keep things this way or not, at least for awhile.

First of all I absolutely fell in love with the Living Well planner from Ruth Soukup at

I really love the vertical week set up in an hourly format and the meal planning section at the bottom of each day. Plenty of room to include all meals instead of just the main dinner dish! I also really love all the goal setting pages at the beginning of each month. It should really help to narrow down the most important things to work on for the year, each month and there’s little space each week as well. And all the bright colors are so uplifting with or without stickers.

But I also love the happy planner by Stephanie Fleming at Me and My Big Ideas and in the last 2 year’s have bought I think 5 of them which isn’t a lot but they have 3 sizes so last year I had to try all 3 to find out if they worked for me. That happily led me to my decision for this year and I knew for sure I’d be buying at least one classic sized Happy Planner to continue memory planning for my son. When trying to pick one for him online at I totally fell in love with the colors on the one I picked for myself. It is called the Choose Joy. The lilac and mint colors are so pretty and I love the fonts all throughout the planner.

So I ordered both. And M’s memory planner, the Stay Positive Classic Medium Size planner, I believe they either came out with or are coming out with an actual memory planner. I have not seen it yet.

Within a week of beginning to set them up I decided I could not handle 2 different planners, I was going to have to make a choice. Then I realized they were close to being the same size and I had everything needed to cut the Living Planner down to size and punch it for my Happy Planner so I set out on a mission to build the best planner for me.

So I have the MEMORY PLANNER. Which I hope to actually keep up with weekly to not miss any high points on my son’s activities and developments, and then my actual planner divided into 3 sections.

Before section one I have a dashboard, some stickers I created and an inspirational collage that I shared here.

Section 1 I have 4 months inserted to give me this month, and the next 3. I will actually probably have the current month, the last month and the next 2 month’s going forward because I like to keep the previous month in to look back on if needed.

Section 2 isn’t really set up but I plan on using it for notes and extra pages of my inserts so I have them ready to go. I took the July thru December dividers that came out of the 18 month planner I bought for memory keeping. I just sat the inserts of top the side for now, I may use them to scrapbook and add some pages to this section, sounds like a great idea for Listing Challenges actually! I like to do the Happy Place Club Challenges from Cori at The Reset Girl and would like to chime in on the challenges from Boho Berry!

Section 3 is my Living Well planner. I also have January thru April in as well, plus my goals for the whole year. Turns out I do love it as much as I thought I would. However I’m trying to take it easy on myself as I struggle through this tough depressive season. One thing my old therapist also had me do when depressed was keep an hourly log of what I did for that day and whether it brought me stress or joy and if it made me feel accomplished on a scale of 1 to 10. So I’ve been using January as a way to track mine and my boo bear’s activities. I’m going to have to start rating each of them though as I just remembered that part. I figure that will help me get an idea of where I need to focus more on balancing my life and all the pretty things I want to do in the months to come. I’m in no rush to kick off my unrealistic goals for the new year, I’m taking my time so I can see our schedule and my ability to complete actual realistic things I need to complete. If that makes sense.

So thanks for stopping by my blog to read about what I have in store for my planner this year. Let me know in the comments what planner(s) you use and what goals you hope to accomplish this year! I’d love to hear what my readers are focussed on!

Remember to like, comment and follow me all across the internet if you’d like to see more. Much love to you all, please have a happy and blessed new year!


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