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How to Create a Vision Board


Maybe you’ve heard of a vision board or even created one for yourself at some point, maybe this is your first time hearing about it. Hopefully my post will bring some light and ideas to you as you decided to create your board. I’m writing this at the beginning of January because that is when I like to create mine for the new year and my new goals but you can do this at any time!

What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board, or a Dream Board as it is sometimes called is a visual display created to help you focus on your goals. It is a powerful manifesting tool to clarify your dreams and desires.

You can create one at anytime or use any timeline you want. The most common probably  is yearly although people do them for longer terms such as a decade. You decide how often you’d like to create one and what goals you’d like to see on your board and how long it will take you to achieve those goals!

There a different varieties of vision boards, I’ll explain 3 types to you: Poster, Portable and Digital.

Poster –

You will use a medium such as a poster board or canvas and proudly display in your home or office visible to you and whomever else to see.

Portable –

You will use a medium that perhaps you can add to your planner. I use a piece of cardboard and added one to my happy planner last year. Or if you like Travelers Notebooks you could do a multiple page spread!

Digital –

You will just need your phone or computer to use this format.

Supplies Needed

First things first, decide on your format. If going with digital I suggest using Pinterest to create a Vision Board. You can make it public or private your choice. I’ve been using Pinterest for years, in fact that is where I go to get prints for my actual board. All of my boards are filled with ideas I would like to have or try in the future. Recently while prepping to write this post I created a specific board about Vision Boards which you can view here if you’d like!

You can simply save photos that inspire you in a folder on your computer hard drive. I have a whole mountain of photos in one called inspiration of projects I’d like to do or places I think are beautiful. Most of those were before I used Pinterest though, with Pinterest I can always find the source and more information about a project than I can just looking at a photo. If you go this route just remember to view it often and makes changes when needed!

If going with a portable planner insert so you can always have it with you, available at all times, you will simply need a piece of cardstock or other study medium scaled down to your planner size. You could do this digitally as well if you are experienced in Photoshop or a like program. Just design it out then print at the size needed. Last year I created this board using a piece of cardboard that came in a paper package. Waste not said I, use all the supplies!



I ended up not using the big Happy Planner so it wasn’t the right fit for me and I won’t be doing that again. This year I will make a poster size, take a picture and print that for my current planner. That way if I do switch up planners I can just resize and print again.

If using a notebook of any kind just paste your images right on the paper!

Poster sized, and everything else you will need for all of the formats!

  • A poster board (you can pick these up at just about every store for about $.50!, or order this one of amazon)
  • Glue stick or crafters tape (click the links to see my favorites)
  • Old magazines (optional) I like finding inspiring words in amazing fonts, but sometimes I just type them out and print.
  • A printer and paper or this one which I use for crafting and planner inserts (click the link to see what I use) -these are also optional but honestly you will not find all your hopes and dreams in a magazine…BUT USE WHAT YOU HAVE, the best part about this is MAKING IT FUN!!
  • Scissors and or paper trimmer (again links to my favorites)


Time to Create your Vision Board

Step 1 – Think about the areas of your life you want to focus on. You could base this off of the Level 10 Life by Hal Elrod .

Some common areas of focus are

  • career – What path do you want to take?
  • health – do you need to eat healthier or exercise more?
  • finances – Are your dreams to be financially free from debt, or to double your income?
  • lifestyle – Would you like to travel the world or become a motivational speaker?
  • home life – Do you want to minimize or finally grow your own produce, or do a complete remodel?
  • big purchases – My main focus this year is buying a house!

Step 2 – Now you’ll want to break these areas down into groups and space them out into the corners of your board. Be sure to put your most important goal at the spot where your eye is likely drawn to at first glance. Typically the top left corner. The middle is also a great focal point! Pick 4 or 5 areas and place them at top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right and center, this is your board so lay it out the way you want to view it!

Step 3 – Gather your supplies! Start clipping those magazines,Don’t have any I’m sure a few friends have some they need to purge anyway, that’s how I got mine! Last year I just typed up inspirational words in different colors and fonts and printed those. Start browsing the internet for things that serve your purpose. Homes you love, places you want to visit, styles you’d like to try, food, etc. Print, print, print!

Step 4 – Lay out everything you have, see how it looks. rearrange if needed. Then start gluing in place. There is no wrong way to do it! Remember it is your vision board and your desires, make it speak to you!


Happy Manifesting!

You are now set to put your goals into action. They are now out in the universe waiting for you to accomplish them. Remember to look at it once in awhile to check your progress. Also remember not to be too hard on yourself. If something doesn’t come into fruition or needs to be change in the future that’s okay! I know I’ve had dreams and set goals for the year only to find my life changed and that goal was no longer appropriate for my life. Sometimes we experience unexpected changes and our ideas no longer resonate with us, It’s okay to change things up on your board!


One last tip I have is to read up on vision boards. Here are a few sites I liked while researching for more information.

My little guy creating his very first board!

And as always thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You can find another post about me creating Vision Boards here. If you’d like to see more about my lifestyle planning, my exciting mothering escapades or see how I’m doing in recovery don’t forget to subscribe or follow me on my social sites!

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  1. I know you have mentioned them before, but this is a great reminder and action plan for me. I need to do mine! I may make one with the girls next week. Lots of good ideas from you, it got my creativity going! 🙋‍♀️ thank you!!


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