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Looking for Great Bedding on a Budget, READ THIS

Check out these amazing items I’ve added to my home for a killer price point!

Sheets –

After buying the quilt listed below I felt I needed to replace my sheets to match! Of course. So when I found these I had to get them, they match exactly. They aren’t anything really special but I wanted cheap without buying at Wal-Mart because I don’t like any bedding they sell. (I’m from a small town so not a lot of options of where to shop) but they are pretty comfy and good for all weather so I like that because I was looking for something long term. Also the fitted is deep so the sheet is no longer coming off a corner of my mattress every night. YES!

The Big One 275 Thread Count Queen Sheet Set

Quilt Set –

OMG! This is life! I might be missing something as I don’t know this brand at all and I’m alittle disappointed that I just looked up the site and it looks like it’s a way better deal than buying at Kohls but I paid about $70 for this and I’m more than pleased. The polyester fabric feels like butter on my skin, it’s so soft I could cuddle all day. And it’s perfect at keeping me warm without getting heated up. Perfect for all year round and I love how much classier my bedroom looks!

VCNY Moroccan Metallic Quilt Set

Pillows –

I snagged these babies for alittle more than $2.00 each! I basically bought them to replace the decorative pillows on my bed, that I really only use to prop my head when reading or watching t.v. I’ve been using a water pillow for 8 months and its the best pillow I’ve ever owned but these add I nice fluff to that when I’m relaxing in bed. Bad I know but in my defense I’m still nursing and co-sleeping so I spend way too much time in my bed. Anyway if you like fluff and are on a budget these are great but I imagine they will go flat with prolonged use with-in a couple months. But for $2 can you beat that?

The Big One Microfiber Pillow

The Big One Super Soft Plush Throw

Towels –

Amazing towels for such a great price, after sales and coupons! I have no complaints about these, they are big and fluffy and dry exceptionally well. That may be because a review I read said they don’t dry and my last new towels didn’t for a long time but putting to use my knowledge of cloth diaper inserts and their absorption I decided that before using I would wash 4 times then dry completely. That worked for me, I’m so happy that I will buy 4 more because 4 isn’t really enough! They do take up a lot of space in the washer and I have to dry longer than my clothing but I kind of expect that.

Sonoma Goods for Life Ultimate Bath Towel

Knives –

These knives are extremely sharp. Or maybe I don’t know how to actually use sharp knives because it’s been so long since I replaced mine. I cut myself taking them out of the box and seriously overreacted but dang it hurt bad and my finger is still numb 2 months later! So far I’ve had 3 cuts, I seriously shouldn’t own sharp knives but overall cutting my meat and veggies has been a lot easier!

Food Network 18pc Soft Grip Cutlery Set

All these photos are the product photos from, I do not own rights to these.

I also bought myself and Malakai winter clothes, an outfit for my other children including shoes and gifts for my nieces and nephew and spent less than $400 on all of it!

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