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Planner Stickers – Murphy’s Law

My life is a complete mess! It’s so unmanageable and I’m struggling. Nothing goes smoothly at all, not even this. Every time I want to do something specific and let’s say for example it should take 15minutes, it’ll take me half a day which then messes up everything else. I’m so behind on life, of it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

And I’m so sick of it! So last night I decided to relax and make some stickers! For the PLANNERS I barely use because life is a hurricane and I’m riding the wave. No seriously I just try too do way to much and then all of a sudden without a plan I make stickers because I enjoy doing so and I need some me time once in awhile.

So I came here to share my Murphy Motivation stickers. You can use them for anything, I’m sure they will fit in any layout with any planner, they aren’t sized any specific way. Just print on shopping labels or sticker paper and cut and place wherever. You can also just print on any paper and use 2 sided tape or glue whichever you prefer, the former is my go to!

Without further ado here is the link of this kick ass set of stickers! I think they are anyway, let me know what you think down below!

Anyway I’ve been real active on Instagram if you wanna check out my planning and scrapbooking adventures you can find me here

I also have my personal page which is basically my baby or shopping and other misc if you wanna check out his cuteness or cheer on my couponing!

Today I completed Ali Edwards Day in the Life project. If you haven’t heard of it or her be sure to check it out if you are into scrapbooking or papercrafting in general.

I shared my pages on both Instagrams. But here they are. This is my blog that I created to share these things afterall.

Have you ever done a project like this? Do you have a favorite designer youfollow regularly and join in on their challenge? I love things like this and am always looking for more so if you do please share! 

Thanks so much for checking out my blog. Hope you enjoy your free Murphy’s Law printables!

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