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A Really Inspiring Read when the Neediness Seems to be too much!

I found this searching for why my baby is so needy. I know he is high needs and my biggest focus is on trying to always figure out what he needs. I’m so sleep deprived and at times I like to read about it and see if there’s anything I can add that will help my parenting. I might like to refer back to this a time or two in the future.
As a single mom spending 24 / 7 with my 15month old who is so intense with his emotions and doesn’t listen to the word no, I sometimes need encouragement that it does get better. He is very demanding, won’t sleep without me, and has no nursing manners. He pulls my shirt down in public when tired, and he also bites me if I’m doing anything while he’s nursing. He is an extremely happy baby for the most part and very independent but he is wild and persistent. Very great qualities, he will do great things in life, but on my own, he is very exhausting! I wouldn’t change it for the world though, I just pray I remain strong when we have really rough days. I am trying so hard to meet all his needs but also get normal mommy things done daily. The struggle is real!

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