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Extreme Couponing 8/13/17

I don’t think I’m going to take any pictures bbecause some of the stuff I did for my brother and he now has it at home, and I’m absolutely freaking exhausted from all the running the past 3 days but anyway I thought instead of posting to Instagram that I would blog my breakdown.

First off I went grocery shopping yesterday. Spent 209 after using 67.50 in total coupons at Kroger then got $.20 off a gallon for a full tank of gas. 

Then today my bro wanted me to do awesomeness for him at the grocery store. Based on the lack of preparedness, I did clip interesting coupons to my card but have no idea which ones I actually used without looking, I think only one. Of course not everything he picked was even on sale but we spent 147.16 and used a total of 49.20 in Kroger savings and coupons, leaving with a 25% savings. Not to bad I suppose. But way to much for a breakdown. But…

My first stop was Walgreens

  • Bought 2 Scott Paper Towels 6 pack
  • Reg 5.99
  • Sale 4.99
  • Used 2 $1.00 of printable mfc
  • Used 2 August savings booklet $1.00 off store coupon (scanned the one coupon once and it took it off all 4)
  • Total price 2.99 each
  • Bought 2 Scott Toilet Paper 12 Rolls
  • Reg 5.99
  • Sale 4.99
  • Used 2 $1.00 of printable mac
  • Used 2 August savings booklet $1.00 off store coupon  (scanned the one coupon once and it took it off all 4)
  • Total price 2.99 each
  • OOP 11.96 plus tax equalling a 50%savings

Then we stopped at Kroger for the food shopping. That’s the long drawn out process when a person needs to spend a lot at once to get started!

Next was CVS

Transaction 1

  • Bought 1 Physicians formula Instaready cream
  • Reg 14.99
  • Spend 15 get 10 extra bucks
  • $5.00 Off a $15.00 purchase physicians formula product
  • Total OOP
  • 9.99plus tax, earned 10extra bucks
  • Savings value 33%

Transaction 2

  • Bought 3 boxes of Raison Bran
  • Reg 4.29 each
  • Sale 1.88
  • Load 2 card coupon $1.00 off 3
  • Bought 2 boxes of Lucky Charms
  • Reg 4.29
  • Sale 1.99
  • Load 2 card coupon $1.00 off 2
  • Total 6.40 plus tax
  • Used my 10 extra bucks
  • 100% savings ( reg total was 23.65)

That’s where I really messed up but I said lesson learned and the girl was like you paid 11 for all of this, the cereal was free. I’m like couponing is awesome you should learn and she called me super mom. Haha my life is in shambles and everything I do is stressful but man I love this couponing! Wish I could just pay better attention and not mess up all the time! But hey new cashier thanks for the amazing compliment, I really needed to hear that!

Next stop Dollar General

  • Bought 1 Garnier Fructis shampoo
  • Reg 3.50
  • Bought 1 Garnier Fructis conditioner
  • Reg 3.50 Sale 3.00
  • Bought 1 Garnier Fructis styling product like leave in conditioner or something…I forget
  • Reg 3.50
  • Used a $4.00 off 2 mfc
  • Used a $1.00 off 1 mfc
  • All products deducted $2.00 instantly at register making them 1.50 each
  • Total price for this is $1.00 overage
  • Bought 2 4 pack Motts Applesauce
  • Sale 2 for $4.00
  • Used $1.00 off 2 mfc
  • Bought 2 Post Brand Cereal
  • Reg 3.00 ea 
  • Sale 1.95 ea
  • Used no coupons
  • Total OOP for all was 6.40 plus tax
  • With a $6.00 in savings so like 50%

Finally my day of couponing is over. Its bedtime and I can’t wait to fall into a dream state now that my baby boo is passed out after that long stressful non enjoying day he went through. At least we are stocked up for at least another month and we totally saved a bunch of money this week!

I think searching for the best deals at every store is such a long drawn out process so I’m thinking I should focus on the 2 I like the most and leave the others alone except maybe when I see another post about an awesome deal. I think so far I’ve had the best deals at CVS and Dollar General. I always mess up at Rite Aid and today was my first time going to Walgreens. And of courseKroger is my go to grocery store and I love shopping there but I’m used to it. And Wal-Mart, I love the Wal-Mart Savings Catcher for when I’m too busy to find great deals on my own.

So maybe look forward to more couponing breakdowns from my 2 fave picks. I’ll try too share any great deals I find as well from other couponers. If you like, please follow! Thanks loves. 🙂

28.35 for 17 items

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