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21 Things to Teach Children

Ok so I’m not going to say ‘hey you should teach your children these things’ because we all have our own interests and to be honest there’s things on this list I still need to learn but a conversation prompted thoughts about things I should definitely teach my children.

Here’s 21 brainstormed ideas, in no particular order, to get me started in raising a well rounded, successful adult someday.

Please share anything I missed with me in the comments or tell me what you think about my ideas. Thanks so much for reading.

        1. Manners

2. Taking responsibility

3. Proper hygiene and housekeeping

My little foodie

4. How to budget

5. A creative outlet

My handmade birthday gift to him

6. Time management

7. How to find credible information

8. To be generous, kind and giving

9. Healthy eating

10. About exercise

11. How to save for the future

12. How to make big purchases

13. How to be independent

Climbing at the park. He’s not afraid of anything.

14. The dangers of drugs and alcohol

15. How to value alone time

16. About politics and religion and how to follow their own beliefs

17. How to study

18. How to meditate

19. How to read

He’s learning early

        20. How to plan
        21. How to have fun

We stayed out past bedtime for his first fireworks

2 thoughts on “21 Things to Teach Children”

    1. Thanks for commenting and bringing me back to this! Life has gotten busty with my little guy and I need reminders. 🙂 Manners are definitely important, I need to put more focus on that right now as he is at the stage of learning to talk! But it’s never too early to begin, great job!

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