Positive Affirmations

As a person who has suffered with depression episodes for years and having to build a tool box of coping mechanisms I thought maybe I’d share some my secrets to happiness.

This isn’t easy. You can’t be in a really dark place and jump into this thinking everything will get better because at first you probably will just think this is a bunch of b.s. and not really put any belief into the words you are saying. It’s best to begin slowly dragging yourself out of your negative thinking instead of jumping straight into all positive. Example: You feel enraged, maybe you can’t go from full blown rage to a chipper happiness…definitely not going to happen it takes time. You may not even want to jump to saying you feel happy because you won’t believe it. So you could begin with telling yourself you feel calmer. Always try using positive words in these instances, like I feel calmer, instead of I wish I wasn’t so damn mad. I really struggle with this! It does get better with practice. Anyway here are my favorite affirmations. Try them for a week and come back to let me know if you’re mood has changed at all!

1.) Things are always working out for me!

2.) I am courageous!

3.) I am the perfect size and perfectly toned!

4.) I am content!

5.) I am humble!

6.) I am calm and serene!

7.) I am happy and joyful all the time!

8.) I matter to others!

9.) I am beautiful!

10.) I’m always doing the best that I can, and I am satisfied with that!

These simple little affirmations have extremely helped my self esteem over the last 3 years. They are so simple and really apply to everyone, we may not see it in ourselves but we truly are in our own ways a blessing to be around. I noticed results on how I was feeling within 2 weeks of reciting these. I have many more and I’ve changed them over time and with different circumstances and you can create ones that apply to you as well! Anyway just thought I’d share, enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

Jessica F.

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