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I’m back! (Left Weebly for WordPress)

Not that anyone missed me while I was away, but I’m back.

Here’s the deal, I keep writing this but o’well. My life is full of too many things, my mind to many thoughts, and my days not enough hours! How do you all do this consistently??? I so much wanted to blog, especially about being a new mom in recovery and somehow I thought I’d have plenty of time to blog being a stay at home momma but I’ve failed. And it’s incredibly sad because I wish I had recorded more details than I have this past year.

I tried! The past four months I’ve had this domain I purchased on WordPress set to Weebly, I think I averaged one post per month but it wasn’t from lack of trying. The main problem is that my ever growing son, grew and become more mobile and active so every time I pulled out my laptop, he shut it down! No mommy, not today! So I have to do all my work on my phone and I could not work with the Weebly App at all! Needless to say I hated it!

So after reviewing my finances for the last 3 months which I’ll get more into later, I decided it was time to stop that monthly payment. After all I had already paid a year for WordPress so why am I paying for 2 things and not using either? Well that’s going to change! I stopped mapping my domain and cancelled my payments. And it was perfect timing because my WordPress plan renews this month and I’m thinking I might upgrade, or maybe I’ll just keep the personal and see if I can keep up with this first, I don’t know yet. What shall I do?

Maybe I should stop trying and do it! Post a blog at least weekly! This is so easy right now, I kind of love this app a lot more than the other. I can use the swipe feature on my keyboard, which I can’t live without, and editing is so much easier! I couldn’t even insert a link when blogging.

Thinking of all that makes me want to edit this!


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