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Future Intentions August 2017

I haven’t tried this for awhile so I’m going to start it fresh. Future Intentions is something I came up with to track my monthly goals, I am notorious for listing too many and then not following up the next month but it’s very important to me to list my goals each month and blogging about them can keep me focused and honest. I would love to see a Future Intentions post on your blog with a ping back to mine! Let’s all join in, do this together and motivate each other! 
Here goes…

  1. Blog at least 4 times. This is technically my second, but I’ll aim for 3 after this one before August 31st!
  2. Track every cent I spend. I am wanting to begin using the envolope system to budget. On the last day of July I announced on Facebook I’d be beginning but then realized I left a very important expensive payment off my list so I’m giving myself this month to do a thorough tracking and plan the budget.
  3. Finishing listening to Evolve Your Brain by Dr. Joe Dispensa on my Audible account! He is one of my favorite motivators.
  4. I’ve also given myself the deadline of August 31st to complete the initial decluttering my house on my goal to becoming more minimalist. At least not becoming a hoarder which at times I’ve felt I’m on the verge of. I’m pretty much done with the house but a lot of those items over the past year have camped out in my garage which has basically became a free storage unit. I’d like to have it cleared out and disposed of correctly by the end of summer!
  5. Since I think 5 is a good number and even though the others are somewhat challenging, I’ll make this one easier. Find out if I can upload and share videos on my blog. Figure it out in some way. I’d like to introduce myself alittle and maybe just give alittle inspiration to anyone struggling sometime. Or maybe I will decided to share a funny video of my son one day. I don’t know but for future knowledge I’d like to learn something new about how this blog can be useful. 🙂 Feel free to guide me to any info you have 😉

And that sums up my Future Intentions forthe month of August. Please come back in September to check up on me and see how I did and here my me goals! And remember to post yours as well and ping back!

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