Future Intentions

So here I am being all MIA again.  I kinda suck at this blogging thing.  Like seriously it’s always completely random and I say I’m gonna plan it out,  write some posts and schedule them but ha I never do it.  There’s just so many things I want to do and never enough time or patience  on my part to finish it.  Thinking of a breastfeeding term I hear often from all the hours I put into that everyday, I’m a just enougher. Unfortunately that’s in all areas of my life.  I’ve never pushed myself farther than that mostly because of fear of failure I think but I always say because I got bored.  I learn just enough and then move onto to something else.  I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none.  I really wish that would change.  So any way I thought I’d spontaneously write this post that maybe 3 people will read but I’ll worry about that later.  This time I’m going to keep it alittle simpler than last month which you can read here, which was when I started this.  I need a way to keep track of my goals where I feel more accountable by sharing with others.  I’d love it to be a link up but haven’t figured it out yet and don’t know who would join so if you’d be interested in tracking your goals and accomplishments drop me a comment below!  I’d love to support you on your journey following your dreams. 

And onto my goals.  First I’ll start with last month’s.  I am not sure how to change font color on my phone at the moment so instead I will use regular font for what I didn’t complete or  even try,  bold for what I did and italics for the things I’m still working on. And both for ongoing goals that I started! 

Holy moly it was November not December,  I felt like it had been awhile but I have totally lost track of time in the last 6 months. Babies do that to you I guess. 

  1. Attend both Breastfeeding Cafe’s…one down, one to go pretty sure I went to both and one in December and one in January. 
  2. Go to the Chiropractor at least twice…I’m in so much pain from nursing and not sleeping right
  3. Go to 2 therapy sessions and continue to work on time management
  4. Attend at least 2 meeting per week…Sundays and Thursdays for sure, maybe Tuesday depending on other appointments
  5. Go to ladies night, this month we are making fleece blankets
  6. Take 4 month pics of malakai…This one is technically done a few days early already
  7. Complete Yesvember…more about that challenge later! I actually didn’t complete this.  I started it and the results were looking pretty good and I quit. ..must have been fear of failure or success,  hmmm.
  8. Blog at least once per week. Schedule that priority!
  9. Make Christmas gift mugs for Decembers Ladies night I did make some mugs but I missed ladies night in December so I gave them away for Christmas. 
  10. Schedule and plan blog posts for November and December. I want to be planned in advance. I did make a list of ideas but never went any further with it.  I am however writing just not much on here.  I’m Journaling alittle again and writing a book!  So yay me,  I hope I don’t give up again. 
  11. Set up Mother That Recovered Social Media Sites I really didn’t.  I have a group but there’s only maybe 10 people and I hardly post bc there’s not a lot of engagement from 10 people.  I can’t decide if I want to keep that group or make a page, I’m not a fan of adding random people to groups that may not be interested in.  With a page people will like if they like it. ..which do you think is better,  or both? 
  12. Decide on a managed host plan for my site and also an email generator I did decide but then I read more posts that suggested to have a following before putting money into your blog so I have to think more on this one. 
  13. Read more on monetizing my blog for possible future use…this will more than likely be an ongoing goal, can never have too much info on your dreams
  14. Do some christmas shopping, or all of it. I don’t wanna be crammed at the last-minute.
  15. Make at least 5 blogger friends….I wanna say 10 but I need to be SMART with my initial goal. I didn’t even try this,  seriously I’m so introverted and stay to myself so much that not only can I not make a lot of friends in person,  I am just as shy online. I’ve thought about it but really how,  and what do I say?  Usually I’m weirded out by most of the random people who message me out of the blue.  I have been trying to interact by commenting on things I enjoy but that’s not really making friends.  I didn’t know how awkward I was until I thought about doing this lol. And even though I know some of the people who added me on Facebook have blogs when I posted a question for links of friends who had online blogs or shops no one responded! 

So that was it for last month,  now let’s move onto some hopefully more realistic goals,  especially since it’s January.  No resolutions just some normal monthly goals. 

It seems we have figured out a lot of my first goals are ongoing so I’m not going to give myself a dead line for any of those at the moment. However here are my Future Intentions for January 2017!

1. I started reading a book.  I made a goal to read at least 12 this year because last year I never finished anything I started reading so my goal is to finish this book by months end. 

2. Write more.  I don’t care when,  how or where this writing takes place just please WRITE a few times a week. I need to get all this chaos out of my mind! 

3. Don’t hold onto resentments.  I’m kinda going through a lot these past 2 months and I can’t believe I haven’t broke yet.  I’ve gotta let it all go and not let anyone control my feelings.  It’s all in the past and I will overcome. 

4. Quit feeling lonely.  You aren’t alone but you are better off where you sometimes feel alone. It’s a feeling Jess and it shall pass. 

5. Don’t listen to other people,  even family members who don’t think you parent correctly.  I’m sorry I’m doing attachment parenting, it’s what I chose to do,  to the best of my ability.  I am breastfeeding until he weans, I am sleeping with him until he wants space.  I will not let him excessively cry it out and no I don’t run to him everytime he does but I do make sure all his needs are met completely when he crys even for what seems like no reason.  There’s never no reason,  I’m sorry that you hate being ignored but can’t look at a child in the same manor you see yourself.  Kiss my butt I’ll take my chances on my child being spoiled with love,  like that’s a bad thing or something. 

The end,  kind of ranted on that last one but life has been stressful.  Wish me luck on my accomplishments and best of luck to you.  Join me if you’d like,  just ping back to my site.  Comment and follow if you haven’t and if you are looking for a friend I’m always here to talk to! Thanks for reading!!!

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