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Baby Update

My little guy is growing up so fast! We have been eating for 4 weeks total although at first I skipped 10 days really trying to wait till he could feed himself. Then I bought these little organic banana and sweet potatoe things I always call crackers and let him play with it. He fed it to himself so I started feeding him again because when I tried the spoon he couldn’t actually get the food to his mouth and was very frustrated. I’m alittle sad that he is so interested in eating real food but so far it doesn’t seem to interfere with nursing. We nurse before and after each meal and still quite a bit all the rest of the day and night. Today was a break through though as I haven’t tried again with him holding the spoon. I’ve been holding him on my lap feeding him while I eat because even though I bought the high chair a few weeks ago I put it up for Christmas. So we are sitting there and I set the spoon down in his bowl and took a bite of my food and the next thing I know he scooped up some mashed potatoes and made it to his mouth. Not once but 3 times and I got a picture each time because you know we don’t live without our phones right next to us anymore. He got fussy, but I think he was getting full because he didn’t want anymore. It made me happy that he fed himself but got fussy trying to get to his milkies! I’m so sad that he’s growing so fast but I’m blessed to have such a smart child. Sometimes I worry because he doesn’t roll over even though I know he can because he has he just doesn’t do it anymore and hasn’t from back to front at all. The only time he inches anywhere is when I’m near but not in position to nurse and he scoots alittle till he’s in place. He can sit by himself but only for a short time so I can’t move away from him. I don’t expect to yet though because he’s still so young but I definitely thought he’d be rolling around before sitting up! Also we’ve had a rough night, I think it’s just his teeth, seems like they are bothering him a lot more lately but still no sign of white about to come through. I didn’t have his Amber Beads on tight enough this morning though and they fell off mid day so I noticed I had not put it back on so I did and also gave him a breastmilk ice cube in his mesh feeder and things calmed down a bit finally. He’s such a sweet little baby boy. A lot of my goals are constantly put on hold right now but he’s totally worth it! I’m so glad I get to spend every second of the day just capturing the moments. One day he’ll be excited to learn all about his life as a baby and it makes me happy to put them all together for him on here and in my memory planner and scrapbooks!

I made this with the Project Life App, Zoo Edition kit! I’m becoming kind of obsessed with it lately as it’s so much more assessable than dragging out thousands of supplies while trying to care for him. It’s the simple things in life that mean the most to me today! 

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