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Trendy Mom’s

Apparently my 13yr old daughter thinks I’m raising her baby brother in trendy ways. She meant no harm and actually gave the best advice a mother ever gets,

Do what feels right and comes natural to you, you don’t need to be trendy.

No hun I don’t breastfeed to be trendy. She knows. It all started because I’ve been stressing about feeding my son because I did what feels natural and gave him solids earlier than the recommended 6 months. But she was asking why I just don’t give him baby food and I was trying to explain I didn’t want to, it was my intention to make homemade food before I even heard of baby led weaning.  I just think it can be healthier and less hassle to feed him the clean foods that I’m already eating. My intention was to puree it before I learned about baby led weaning though because I had no idea you could feed chunks of food to a baby! So yeah that’s alittle trendy but it’s a trend I wanted to follow because I agree with it and it makes sense to me, not because I want to be trendy. 

But I was going on about how I wasn’t feeding him alot because I don’t want to interfere with breastfeeding before a year and she thought it was because it was trendy so I had to tell her I don’t breastfeed because it’s trendy, she said I know but you can do what feels right and natural. My goal is at least a year, not to be trendy like hey I breastfed for this amount of time but because that’s the recommendation and I’m not a fan of formula. If I had to use formula for any reason I would but so far with this child I’ve had no reason to. I want him to receive all the benefits I can supply for his nourishment for as long as possible. And our bond is so incredible already and well he loves milkies more than anything and I’m not going to take that away until he’s ready.

Very trendy and I totally put my tree backwards in this pic but I really love how it turned out.

Then I told her maybe I partly cloth diaper because it’s trendy, I mean it’s a plus but not the reason. I save money by cloth diapering and every diaper change I help the planet in a very minor way but it’s still helping. That’s kind of trendy also but it makes sense to me to help my planet out in any way that comes natural to me. I’m not perfect. I’m not very ‘green’ and I’m far from being ‘crunchy’ even though I wish I classified more in that category. Maybe one day all the crunchiness will come completely natural but right now most of it doesn’t because it’s not the lifestyle I’ve had for 35yrs but it takes one small change at a time to make a difference. So if breastfeeding and cloth diapering and homemade baby food helps the earth and comes naturally to me I’m going to continue to do it. I co-sleep also. It is what feels natural. I try not to but all my babies slept in my bed most of the time. It’s comfortable, I’m less worried, feel safer and more sane because I’m not as sleep deprived. It’s the natural way of life for me. I baby wear, very trendy but I do it to keep my baby close and my hands free, not just to be cool.

A lot of my friends don’t do any of these things, they are completely conventional, I don’t say much to them about any of it once they’ve made a choice in how to parent because my daughter said it best when she said do what feels natural! Do you! You know your baby best. If it’s right for you and your baby and safe and you feel comfort with your decision then you are doing the best you can, you don’t need to be trendy!

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