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Viral Tree of Life Breastfeeding Photo

So yesterday I saw a beautiful edited photo in a private breastfeeding group. I immediately was dying to getting around to making me one. Took awhile bc I was very ill today with a terrible migraine but it’s finally backing off and I found a tree of life and a photo I wanted to use and began editing.

Tag me on Instagram @iamjasminerayne or use #treeoflifebreastfeedingphoto to share your picture with me!

The possibilities are endless. It’s not my first artistly edited photo in Pics Art so that helped that i was already aware of what to do.

Maybe some instructions should be included.

1. Download Pics Art for free

2. Google free tree of life transparent (vector) image. It takes time to find one you like that you can download for free or if you really want you can always pay for an image.

3. Open your breastfeeding photo in Pics Art editing

4. Choose add photo and insert the transparent tree image. Must be transparent!

5. Rotate and set into place.

6. Reduce opacity to your choice.

Now there’s many different filters and edits you may use but I like the magic option.

7. Select magic then go through and check out the filters till you find one you like!!

8. You may also add an effect.

9. Or text, and a frame like i did!

10. Save to your gallery when finished!

11. Then upload to your favorite social media platform or print and hang that beauty on your wall!

Good job on your beautiful art work and your breastfeeding journey!!!

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