Ugly Sweater Planner Printables

So as you may know I’m busy busy busy with a baby, but sometimes I just gotta cram in a little time for crafts because if I don’t I’m all crazy inside. What better way to spend a lot of hours this week than to create some stickers for my happy planner. And I’m writing this post to give them away for FREE!! I’ve actually never uploaded PDFs on my blog so hopefully that’s a pretty easy task.

I don’t really like a whole spread of stickers but I know a lot of people do and I don’t want to waste paper so I filled up 2 sheets! I bought the Christmas Design Bundle from because why not take the plunge and purchase a whole bunch of files at an amazing price. If I ever decide to use the elements for financial gain I’ll be able to do that and not have to worry about copyrights. I feel better about sharing then that way as well. Usually I just google different things and try to come up with something, this was much easier since there are multiple sets that already match. I really enjoyed making them even though I have no idea what prompted ugly sweaters because I’ve never worn one in my life. I think it is a tradition I’m thinking about starting though because for some odd reason I’m drawn to them right now. Maybe it’s my age! Anyway down to why you are really here to see what’s up!!!


Look I’m not the best, I’ve done a few for myself but if you want them download here and here for page 2! Sorry all that space is snowflakes that you can barely see. It doesn’t help that I have a terrible printer either. I liked them much more on the screen, then my silhouette cut the second page up the middle but so what i used them anyway. I’m always tending to my baby during everything i do now because he comes first all the time so I don’t care much if it’s a little messed up or my stickers are crooked or my pictures aren’t perfection. I’m a mom first and everything else second. I hope to improve in the future though! Also I cut these on my silhouette cameo and I know there is a way to create a cut file PDF so if I get around to it, or get a request I’ll try adding it later.

Let me know what you think and if you want to see more subscribe by email so you can know when I post! I’ll be trying hard over the next week or 2 to finish my Christmas spreads!!!

This site does not contain affiliate links, I just like sharing products I love.

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