4 months old


My little guy is a big 4 months today! He’s weighing in at 14lbs 2.5ozs and 24in long. His head is a whopping 40 cm. He’s still alittle guy with a big voice and everyone got to hear that today when he got his shots, poor baby. His zantac got increased and mommy was advised that her dairy elimination must continue because reintroducing it has brought back some issues. We are going to try to hold off on solids until the 6 month mark but he is increasingly more aware and interested in my food. He can roll from tummy to back and from back to side, he hasn’t fully made that roll yet but he’s close. We are counting on a tooth to emerge soon based on symptoms but still no visible ones there even though his gums are swollen and sore. He is developmentally registering at 5.5 months so he’s a smart little man. He is attached to mama though and she’s waiting patiently for him to start venturing off on his own to give her some free time to get more done but right now she’s holding on to that little baby who’s growing to quickly. Everything else can wait. He’s alittle talker and loves being at events full of people. When at home he likes to nurse a lot and watch Paw Patrol while sitting in his bouncer, and playing and singing with mommy on his tummy time mat. He’s just the sweetest, cutest little guy ever and mommy loves him to pieces! Reese pieces! 💙💙

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