Mom Hacks

5  Hacks for Teething Babies – without medicine

My baby boy hasn’t cut any teeth yet but boy is he close. At least I hope so. He started drooling and chewing on things quite a bit between 8 and 9 weeks but weeks 15 through 17 he has been in some obvious mouth pain. Here’s a few things I’ve done for him that work!

1. He has a silky among other things such as blankets and bibs that he constantly wants to chew on. Let them!

That’s right, don’t take it away because you think it’s gross. It might be since it’s collecting all that drool and spit up occasionally but that’s what washers are for right? So let them chew on a small blanket they seem interested in!

2. Your hands, in a pinch anyway.

Need a quick fix because you notice it looks as if your child is going to eat his hands, let him chew on yours for minute. It gives you a chance to actually feel around in there and notice the difference in the hardness of his gums. Also the intensity will give you a clear sign as to how bad it is hurting at the moment. Just make sure your hands are pretty clean, which you should be doing anyway!

3. Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. I just bought this one from Baltic Essentials for my son and received it 3 days ago. When he’s wearing it during the day it’s working for sure. No more soaked bibs to change and minimal gnawing on our hands, that is until I take it off at night. This necklace really works, I can’t believe it!!!

4. Ice cubes in a mesh feeder! Yep it’s a great instant relief. You’ll have to hold it for him since he’s young, assuming he’s teething early. But he’s loving it at night for sure since I’m taking the necklace off at bath time. If you breastfeed you can also buy a tray and freeze some breastmilk to use!!! 

5. Teething Necklaces worn by you! I haven’t tried these yet but they are on there way to us!

The first one is fabric with a wooden ring bought from Honey Rose Creation.

The second is an awesome silicone breastfeeding pendant with silicone beads from Kat and Co Designs, sorry you can’t find the exact one because it was sold, to me!


Last but not least baby may just need to be close to his mommy. So hold him as close as you can for as long as you can. If you breastfeed let him comfort nurse for hours. Everytime I’ve tried moving in the last 6hrs he has been upset. He’s just latched on so I won’t go anywhere. I can read his cues and I just have to give into the comfort my little guy needs. The days till he’s independent are getting shorter and I want to cherish these moments when he needed my comfort.

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