Future Intentions Nov 2016

Before I dive into my update that is needed based on my month absense, this post is essentially going to be my first blog about my monthly goals. I chose for now at least to name this Future Intentions. This month will not be a link up but in the future that would be a cool thing to start.

Now that October is over I need to take a small amount of time to update a little. October seemed to be a busy month. Busy with the baby mostly. He takes so much out of me. This past week he’s been so worn out though so he’s been falling asleep alittle earlier each night. This is something I need. More time and more sleep. I alternate days now. One day I sleep less, the next I might take a nap. Haha, that sounds good anyway.

Firstly on the 7th we took Kai’s 3 month pictures. We dressed as pumpkins and headed to the pumpkin patch. He was very tired, or at the very least just being lazy…jk he was only 3 months like what did I really expect, it’s not like he could sit up straight for very long but I certainly expected him not to try kissing the ground the entire time. But he just wanted to fold over into a little pretzel and the photo shoot was an extreme fail. Haha, I’m not being honest but it wasn’t the greatest given we are all amateurs. But here check them out and let me know what you think.

Then we obviously did a whole lot of stuff but we celebrated Ariel’s 13th birthday going out to eat at Pizza Cottage and to the movies to see Ms. Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children , followed by a wiener roast! 13 gifts for my new teen-ager!

 Then we dressed up 2 more times for Halloween.

He had a fantastic first Halloween passing out candy and looking at all the little kids dressed up and then we headed out-of-town so we could speak at a meeting in our matching Batman costumes. He says mommy has such a great story to tell and he’s so glad she finally overcame her problems and got her act together so she could be his mommy! He loves me as much as I love him!
I didn’t blog at all. Mainly because we stayed pretty busy, but also becuase I watched a lot of shows. I love the fall when everything comes back on just in time for the cold winter months. I’ll have to write a post about what I’m watching, which brings me to the last reason which is that I’ve really been thinking about what I want out of this blog.

I want engagement. I want to friend like-minded people, with like interests and similarities. I want to connect with my readers so we can share ideas and inspire each other, so I’ve began my research about how to build my blog. I’ve come up with some ideas but first I have to make an action plan. What better way than to post it here, try to get engagement and be held accountable right??? So I came up with Future Intentions. Please comment to join in and follow to have accountability!!

Future Intentions Nov 2016

I’m a person who loves making to do lists and set goals. Lately I’ve been struggling with balance trying to adjust to life with a newborn. The month of October I tried hard to think about the future. I thought it’d be great to put more focus on blogging and planning and decided to share my goal setting within my blog.

My intentions for November are as follows:

  1. Attend both Breastfeeding Cafe’s…one down, one to go
  2. Go to the Chiropractor at least twice…I’m in so much pain from nursing and not sleeping right
  3. Go to 2 therapy sessions and continue to work on time management
  4. Attend at least 2 meeting per week…Sundays and Thursdays for sure, maybe Tuesday depending on other appointments
  5. Go to ladies night, this month we are making fleece blankets
  6. Take 4 month pics of malakai…This one is technically done a few days early already
  7. Complete Yesvember…more about that challenge later!
  8. Blog at least once per week. Schedule that priority!
  9. Make Christmas gift mugs for Decembers Ladies night
  10. Schedule and plan blog posts for November and December. I want to be planned in advance.
  11. Set up Mother That Recovered Social Media Sites
  12. Decide on a managed host plan for my site and also an email generator
  13. Read more on monetizing my blog for possible future use…this will more than likely be an ongoing goal, can never have too much info on your dreams
  14. Do some christmas shopping, or all of it. I don’t wanna be crammed at the last-minute.
  15. Make at least 5 blogger friends….I wanna say 10 but I need to be SMART with my initial goal.

I know, I know 15 is quite a bit. If you don’t feel comfortable setting that many don’t worry about it, just try to set a reasonable amount like 5 or even 3. I’ve had days where I’ve only had one goal and that was to make it through the day the best I could, we all start somewhere. Most of these I’m sure I’ll have no problem completing, I just wanted to get them down somewhere because right now I’m using time I’d normally use for crafting and playing in my pretty happy planner. Hopefully I’ll find some more time later since I am working on time management. 😉



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