Nursing and Bonding

My little guy is currently 10wks4dys. The whole first month I tracked his eating habits. Some days were well over 18 times coming in at a total of 10 plus hours. Pretty much that growth spurt cluster feeding caused me to back away from the app I was using. Seeing that on paper was a bit overwhelming at times.

Besides I’m to tired to track every little minute of every single detail. I want to focus on my baby boy and my sleep. Without sleep I’m not much for taking care of a baby or anything else so once I knew he was on track and gaining the proper weight I backed off from being obsessed.

But we’ve had some ups and downs and this past week I was feeling like he ate 5 hrs straight 3 days in a row so that forth day I woke up and began tracking. I couldn’t get a proper figure since the app goes from midnight to midnight so I carried it over till today to see how we were doing. And that’s beyond great, alittle to great probably since he’s been nursing for a third of the day!

That obviously struck me as whoa, slow down child, your normal at the end of one month was 5 to 6 hrs a day which was extremely doable. Then came the thought of how much bonding I’m doing with him! And it got me thinking about the breastfeeding bonding experience hype.

A friend who recently had a baby called one day and asked about breastfeeding. She said she heard it’s a great bonding experience which my response was yes but I really can’t compare it to a formula fed baby because I nursed all my littles at least for 3 months, that was the shortest, so I don’t really know why they say that it is.

Well I think I figured that out today. When I checked his hours and amount of feedings and found it to be a third of the day, 8hrs within 13 times, it got me wondering how long a bottle fed baby eats. All babies should eat every 2 to 3hrs but the difference is that you are the only person who can feed your child unless given breast milk in a bottle. But exclusively nursing for the most part you feed the baby. And instead of it taking 20 mins, at least on my case, they will eat anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes. They don’t only nurse for breakfast, lunch and dinner but for comfort and thirst as well. You can be hesitant to giving your baby extra formula during that 3hr period so that he will not overeat but with the breast he lets you know that’s what he wants and when he’s satisfied he stops. You can over feed, I’m sure I have many times but my flow is much slower than a baby chugging a bottle. When my son eats from a bottle even with paced feedings it takes 10 minutes. If I limited him to being fed for 10mins every 2hrs I am only feeding him for 2hrs a day and probably half that time in a normal family I wouldn’t be the one feeding him.

And this was him while I was trying to eat dinner. He nursed for 30mins on the left and quit. I burbed him and then he found his way down to the right side.

Wow! That’s all I can say. I feed my son up to 8hrs a day. That’s 8hrs of him being in my arms, skin to skin contact, hearing my heartbeat, and my voice right next to him… No, on him. We are connected, and that my friends is the infamous bonding that we hear about associated with nursing!

2 thoughts on “Nursing and Bonding”

  1. Oh the blessings of being a nursing Mother. Just as God planned it, mother and child are one until the little ones curiosity and strength allow him to discover on his own. Kinda reminds me of how fiercely a Momma kangaroo protects and keeps her baby close during those all important first years. We humans seem to be in such a hurry we totally miss out on the true treasures of life.
    Sounds like you are learning how love truly grows and deepens with each second…… the trick is to slow down enough to feel the seconds.
    Hugz my friend.


    1. Yes exactly. It is hard and stressful at times but then I give in and think about the bigger picture for a moment. Pretty soon I’m going to be begging him to cuddle with me and one day he may be too far away. I’ll cherish this time for life!


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