Oh the Misery of Cloth Diapering

“That’s a great idea” “Look at all these cute prints I found!” “And the have snaps now???” “Forget grandma’s old diapers!”

“It’ll be easy she said” “I’ll save money””Oh hunny you should cloth, so easy just throw them in the washer and save money and the environment at the same time!!!” “It’s so easy!”

Haha, she was me! 

So let me tell you about my cloth diapering experience so far. Yes so far means I haven’t given up!

My friend told me about cloth diapers when I was pregnant. She’s never used them but a friend of her daughter’s did or something of that nature. I was like seriously you think I want to wash poop all the time? Hmmm, let me check this out. Amazon, my best friend show me some cloth! Omg I just fell in love. I can buy these 3 different brands at under $40 for 6 plus inserts that you stuff into the pocket for absorption. So cute 18 reusable diapers for the price of one month of disposables in my cart, checked out and on its way to me.

No other previous information. I didn’t have a clue! But they arrived and I loved them and I showed them off to everyone and tried to convince all my pregnant friend they should do the same. But I’m just alittle more crunchy than any of them even though I’m really not crunchy at all lol.

So my baby is born and I have prepped by washing everything once and drying in the dryer. I used Babyganics detergent and dryer sheets. We come home and I attempt the cloth. Even though they are one size from 6lbs to 30lbs or whatever my almost 8lb baby was too little. A week goes by and I try again, fit was alittle better but for the next 3 weekly tries they kept leaking. I finally went seeking for more information as to why these diapers weren’t working as I go from newborn to size 1 in disposables like at least 12 a day so I got more motivated the more money I spent. I didn’t have a stock pile of diapers from friends. A few didn’t listen and brought me small packs to my shower but not many and the ones everyone brought ended up not being good enough for me, poor little guy got soaked in those as well. They also left this terrible chemical burn mark on his bum that I was not happy about.

So in my research I discovered for one I did not prep the diapers correctly. So I rewashed them 6 times in a row then dried them in the dryer. Btw I now know you are supposed to hang them. I still haven’t but I am going to start after today. Still they were alittle big on him so I tried using them just during the day at home. That went on for about 2 weeks until I finally got comfortable all the time. So I have these 18 diapers and 24 micro fiber inserts, I should mention that I was going to put one on the pocket and try one laying inside but thank God they didn’t fit before I found out you can’t put microfiber against the skin! And learning that I decide to buy 12 charcoal bamboo inserts for about$25.00. That solved my problem. I had these diapers, 3 different brands which turned out to be 2 actually one was just a rebranded Alva, and I learned to stuff a microfiber in the pocket, put a charcoal on the inside and if I caught it in time I could just change the charcoal instead of the cover!!! Woohoo, I found a way he didn’t leak! So at 6 weeks we made the complete switch and I quickly decided 18 wasn’t enough and found 11 Sunbabys with 22 Bamboo inserts, an extra 5 charcoal inserts and a large, medium and small wet bag on a yard sale site for $45.00. Now let me tell ya I thought this was a great deal. I’m way too trusting of a person and didn’t have a clue, just thought I should wash them like normal and use so that’s what I did. For the past week and a half every single time I use any of them the whole thing becomes soaked and my bed has a huge wet spot. So I thought ok don’t use them at night and see how it goes. Still leaked everywhere. So I’m getting mad. I knew something was wrong with them though ( I didn’t check them before hand, bad move) they were so stiff and smelled kind of bad compared to mine but she did tell me she washed them in homemade coconut oil soap and I figured they were stiff from rack drying. I washed them a couple times in dreft bc by this time my other was out, I had started using Purex but remembered the dreft so I dug that out and tried it. Smelled fantastic but once i got these used diapers and used dreft along with tide oxi clean powder I started having more problems. That commenced to more research, I swear by now I think I’ve read the whole fluff butt university website!

So off to Walmart we go last night. I could not for the life of me find Borax but I did find Calgon and Arm and Hammer Super Washing Powder. I also checked out some of the labels on other detergents to make sure I didn’t get one with fabric softener and decided to go with an Arm and Hammer liquid that had enzymes. I also bought some Oxi Clean spray strain remover bc by this point my diapers aren’t coming clean anymore. In the beginning my routine was working for me but I kept reading and kept changing and I added these BAD diapers in the mix. I didn’t check my water, I know it’s hard and I rent my house and wanted to add softener to the thing but it’s not even hooked up so I never have messed with it. Maybe I should have checked but so far this has been overwhelming. Anyway I came home and washed what was dirty. Then today I put him in disposables and washed another load so I had all of them clean. Then i soaked everything in the tub in hot water with the Calgon and washing powder. I took the covers out first and washed them in clean water then I washed the inserts in clean water. Then I soaked all the inserts in cold water bleach for 30 minutes while the covers are back in the washer getting washed with my new detergent. So far this seems to be going good except the 5 used charcoal bamboo inserts still seem yucky but the bamboo are now as soft as the microfiber. I can tell they still won’t hold as much liquid though so I’m probably going to end up getting rid of them. Also the covers I bought used have some elastic wear to them and look like they were hung to dry the wrong way. Seems like they can be fixed and I will if they stop leaking all the way through. Overall it seems as if I have been successful but I’m still not as satisfied with the Bamboo inserts as much as I am the charcoal inserts. I bought some FSTs but haven’t watched any videos on how to fold them, I want to try them with the Bamboo and at night time. I would like to not change him as often at night.

Other things is that even though I’m still probably saving money or will in the long run hopefully I have spent way more on detergents than usual and my water bill increased by about $30.00 this month and now I’m washing even more than I was at first. And while I’ve been doing this today I have been adding fluff to my cart on Alva baby and i think I’m about to buy 12 more diapers just because these 11 used aren’t working for me and because my Alva’s are great and they are pretty darn cheap compared to others and these 12 are so darn cute and I deserve an award for being so awesome and making it through the struggles of cloth diapers! I’m an awesome mommy!
Instead of the Alva’s right now I opted for a bigger bag to use as a diaper bag, I got a JuJuBe tokidoki animali duffle instead of the diaper bags because it was cheaper and bigger. And I also bought a Rumperooz tokispace cover and the Bumpkins Batman cover! Yep I’m obsessed.

5 thoughts on “Oh the Misery of Cloth Diapering”

  1. Ow, the troubles of buying second hand! I found a huge bag of Cloth in a yard sale for 20 bucks, they were the expensive brands like AMP and FLIP and Bumgenius, I checked a few, didn’t see and issue and bought it up. When I got them home, I realized a lot of them had crackling PUL, therefore they leak. Sigh.
    I’m sure your water bill will go back down now that you’re mostly done with the prepping/fixing!
    We have hard water too and I use purex as well. I do 1 wash on heavy duty with a buttload of soap, then I add my baby cloths that need washing and do a regular wash with a normal amount of soap and it’s been working well. I followed Fluff Loves routine at first and ended up having a soap buildup and it caused some stink. Nothing a good old full cycle in just water couldn’t fix! πŸ˜›
    ANyways, I clicked on your post because we have the same owl diaper, haha! I love Alvas!! Goodluck troubleshooting!


    1. Yesssss! I’ll never buy second hand again, thought it seemed weird to begin with anyway but that’s beside the point! I am pretty sure my routine is good at this point, a couple weeks ago i had a few that had stink issues but I did a good rinse and wash and they were all better and now I use less soap! We’ve added a few to the collection but I’m pretty sure we are good now and somehow I had a $10 credit on my water bill this month so no complaints there ☺ thanks for commenting!!

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      1. Haha bonus!! We are on a well so we don’t have to pay for water..makes it even more worthwhile to use cloth! I definitely won’t buy from a yardsale again, but I did buy from a mom that is a friend of a friend but that I had never met..She sold me 6 of her extras and I had no issues. I love them! I’m kind of touch and go about used diapers now. Guess it depends where they are coming from and how many kids used them and in how big of a rotation πŸ™‚ It’s funny how you get the people who tell you to use hardly any soap-Avoid buildups, and then those who tell you to just slather them in soap-must.be.clean. But really, you can pretty much just use a normal amount πŸ˜›

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