Alittle Amateur Photography

So I really do want to start blogging at least once a week. I’m tired at the moment but realized I did everything I need to do except pump so I can go to bed so here I am pumping and writing. 

Since my last post about Freezer Crock Pot Meals life has gotten easier for the most part. I’ve been successful at keeping my house tidied alittle better, crafted quite a bit more, kept up with washing cloth diapers every other day, learned ways to calm my baby which makes for a calmer me been to a few social events and gotten plenty of sleep.

And most importantly being the somewhat frugal mom that I am I scheduled an appointment with my camera happy friend to try out some amateur photography. She ended up taking 170 pics because like I mentioned she’s very camera snap happy.

I’ve had Photoshop Elements since Black Friday but haven’t really tried using it so it was the perfect excuse to have her photograph so I could edit and I must say I love how the 10 pictures I chose turned out!!!

This cost me approximately $20 that I spent on props at Michael’s all of which were 30 or 40% off with an added Joanne’s coupon for 25% off entire purchase! Gotta love those sales right.

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