Freezer Crock Pot Meals

Excuse the mess behind the photo, I was rushing at the end to nurse my son but wanted to get a picture. Tomorrow he will be 7 wks and he’s pretty needy and attached all the time so today when Nana cleared her schedule to babysit I decided to be responsible and do some food prep. It took about 2 1/2 hrs total with shopping and preparing. The prep took about an hour but I did that before hand.

I just learned about prefreezing instead of freezing later thanks to . So sometimes I freeze meals because they are easy for leftovers but usually I don’t end up eating it all because it eventually doesn’t taste as good so hopefully this will be better.

I started by deciding how many meals I wanted to prep, I didn’t need many because I’m single and I figured  5 would be an easy trial. I picked my recipes and created a shopping list. I then spent an hour shopping. I’m not sure how much it all cost because I bought other items and used wic but I got a lot of food for under $80.00 . Some things I bought different ingredients than normal to make the seasoning easier.Ill try to type up my recipes also and link the others. Then I came home said hello to my very excited to see momma baby boy and headed to the kitchen for a little over an hour.

3 of the meals I choose are things I cook and eat often, 2 I got from .I haven’t tried them so hopefully I like.

1. Meatballs and sauce

2. BBQ Pulled Pork

3. Pot Roast

4. Glazed carrot chicken

5. Tomato basil chicken

Don’t know what I’m describing, confused on how to do this?

It’s easy, time saving and most importantly money saving. All you do is buy ingredients, try to pick recipes that will use some of the same bulk items such as the chicken breast meals or from ingredients you already have at home. If you have just yourself or you and a spouse to cook for cut the family meals in half. Buy freezer bags, gallon size or whatever you choose to store your food in and a sharpie marker to write your labels. Gather all ingredients without cooking anything and start chopping up veggies, and cutting meat, whatever you would do to make the meal right then only you just mix it all in a freezer bag instead without cooking. If there is supposed to be liquid such as water or broth make a note on the baggie to add when cooking. Make sure you get the air out of the bags and store in the freezer for 3 months. Be sure to date the bag 3 months later as the use by date. You can store in deep freezer up to 6 months but I don’t have one and I plan on cooking these every 3 days for 1 month because that should be sufficient for single me. When you are ready to cook your meal set it in the refrigerator overnight to unthaw then cook as directed in Crock-Pot all day the next morning. Yum yum. Eat it up.

Hopefully I wrote this with well enough explanation, it’s my first how to cook post but I’m excited to have found this out and wanted to share. I suck at grocery shopping, and cooking and when I cook I usually make too much and it goes to waste because I get tired of eating it. Hopefully cutting my recipes in half and preparing them in one or maybe 2 days a month will simplify my mom life. Let me know what you think in the comments below please.

Thanks Nana Cindie for letting mommy have a stress free day!

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