July Memory Planner 

So today my son is 1month and 2days old.  And so far today has been the easiest day I think.  You can tell my priorities though for sure.  I have laundry baskets of unfolded clean laundry,  a sink full of dishes, I haven’t cooked anything for at least a week and my couch is cluttered.  Looks just like a new single mom’s house should lol. I’ve been waiting for the day when I’d have an hour or so without the assistance of someone else entertaining him so I could do some more cleaning and hopefully some crafting too. Finally he slept along time this afternoon. I got the latter done so now I guess I hope for in the next day or 2 I get some time to clean lol. I’m sure only crafters will understand that madness but hey it keeps me saner than a spotless house that won’t be clean tomorrow anyway.  Priorities!  And in all honesty the whole reason for memory planning is to remember the memories and needless to say it was hard remembering every day for the last month.  This truly needs time every week. 

So today I just wanted to share my pictures of my memory happy planner. 

First check out the inspiration.  I decided to do this at about 3months pregnant!  He is my pride and joy! 

He was born July 7th at 11:24am. 6lbs 8ozs 19ins! I decorated with a free printable from hocuspocusprints of where the wild things are bc I love that book and his nursery is a jungle theme. 

I got this printable from an Etsy shop,  happy creations shop.  It’s absolutely adorable.  I just added extra scrapbook stickers. 

The stickers used here were made by me as my first actual planner layout created without just using my photos or memes. I bought a Cameo for myself in June as a congratulations to becoming a mother,  again. The layout was very simple bc I knew I’d add lots of pics later. 

Here I just used some Mambi stickers and Recollection washi.  I didn’t have time to plan. Most is filled in and you can see i forgot some things.  There was some extra pics,  maybe that’s where they were supposed to be. 

And here you can see this past week.  There’s a huge difference in the journaling for my most recent memories.  Weekly is very important!!  Here I used minimal mambi stickers and holiday /moon /functional stickers created by me. 
Thanks for checking out my blog!  Tell me what you think.  Planning is now my favorite hobby. I hope to continue doing more and being able to share more with you.  Check me out on Instagram at  iamjasminerayne,  I’m pretty active on there with all things baby and planning! 

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