Best Adventure


I just wanna make a quick post because it’s been so long.  Already.  I’m just trying to find my groove in life again right now.  So many changes have taken place over the last few years and everytime something changes or I accomplish something I’m on to something new.  Not that I haven’t always crafted but this month has been especially busy in that area and just wanted to say I’m loving it more than ever and have a few blog posts I’m hoping to sit down and write this week.


But as for now if just like to share that after years of dreaming about going to Cirque du soleil one day,  I finally went today.  It was a pretty great experience,  especially for my children.  I’m so glad that it took this long to happen so we could share the excitement together. They had never heard of it but being based on avatar and aerial performances they were completely up for it,  it was a long 3 month wait to use those tickets but I’m so happy the day finally came.  We’ll definitely see more in the future.


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