OBE! Maybe?

Well this is kinda strange,  I’m not sure but something just happened to me and I felt like I almost died.  If anyone reads this thoughts of yours would be nice,  unless you call me crazy!  So anyway I’m totally exhausted,  it’s 130 in the morning but I have been walking around like a zombie all day,  I’ve actually been in bed mostly trying to go to sleep since about 10pm. It wasn’t working so at midnight I took a melatonin,  then at 1 I drew a bath with lavender oil. As I was in the tub trying to relax I laid flat on my back and attempted to meditate. I say attempted bc I haven’t been able to since I got pregnant really.  Anyway I tried to focus on falling asleep and felt awake in my mind but relaxed.  Then all of a sudden I was looking down on myself and thought of how my life is for a second and then was wide awake gasping for air.  It was like I quit breathing for a minute.  I don’t have a clue what happened all I know is it freaked me out and now my restlessness is going to be insomnia for the rest of the night. Even when I’m so tired something inside me fights sleep. And now I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant with heartburn, nausea and pain making it worse. So grateful it’s almost over. But universe rest my mind and let me know that it’s safe to sleep.

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