Turn your Dreams into Plans


Yes you can!!!  Anything you put your mind to you can achieve!  May not seem like much to a lot of people as some as others,  but I have come along way in my life.  For years I lived in negativity and the throws of active addiction.  Today I don’t have to!  I found a way out,  I am a miracle and today I love life and am eternally grateful for everything in it.  Yes I have my moments and I have bad days and stressful things still happen to me but I always overcome!  It has not been easy and I’m not where I want to be but boy I am so far from where I came.  And I’m not even sure where it is exactly where I want to be but I’m grateful is not where I used to be.  Without it sounding egotistical as I know this disease is sneaky but I beat my addiction,  I strived for the day that I would love life without putting a substance into my body and I achieved that feeling.  It gets stronger every day!  I’ll share my secret with you….the key to my sobriety is that I’ve created a life worth living,  met people worth loving and found a passion for natural highs in being service to outside things.  You may think it isn’t possible but it is!  Maybe one day I can share my journey with you!!

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