Full moon / Zodiac HP Stickers

So over the past few weeks of my new planner addiction I have discovered the Happy Planner is my most favorite planner I’ve ever owned!  I immediately became obsessed with turning it into a memory planner. I obviously use it for appointments and activities but unless I know they are not going to change I don’t write it in until the end of day or week.  Currently all scheduled activities are listed on a notes page I threw into the week until I accomplish them,  that way there is no scratching out.  So everything at weeks end is what I did that day,  not what I forgot to do.  I do have a small goals list written each week and I just check them off as I go,  if I don’t complete a goal I can just leave it unchecked and maybe add it to the next week!  I’ve discovered many blogs and Facebook groups with free printables


(I got the prince layout for this week from Monica Marvels on Free printables for happy planner on Facebook )so I’m saving some money there although just like with printing out free printables,  I’m not printing nor buying layouts I don’t completely care for.  I’m on a mission to make my own and I’ve had a great start so far,  not with making complete layouts but with just making sticker boxes to (almost, mostly) fit my HP! Mostly photos of me,  my children and friends but a few inspirations from the Internet as well. Tonight I made some functional stickers for myself based on my spirituality.  I’m not too fond of the Sabbath stickers as I just randomly picked them from Google but I downloaded some moon and zodiac stock photos and made stickers for that.  I’m definitely going to like seeing the new and full moon and the changing astrology signs in my planner!!! If you are interested let me know and I’ll email you the document!

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