Greatest B-day Ever

Hello to my newly found friends.  Thought I’d share what a wonderful day I had on my thirty 5th birthday.  It was amazing. Every year they get better and better.  I have never been so excited and grateful for this day.  I remember years where it was just another day to me and it wasn’t even acknowledged by anyone not even myself.
Birthdays are very special,  it celebrates your life and accomplishments throughout the last year.  And boy do I have many. 


The greatest are all the friends I’ve made who are there for me uplifting me to succeed and my children who love me with all their heart and soul even though I was absent for many birthdays and holidays and firsts. I love it but it breaks my heart when they tell me stories about themselves because I should have been there.  But they are very forgiving and for that I am fortunate. Today we discussed politics and religions.  A very good discussion and I learned so much more about my children.  They are very open-minded, inquisitive,  and universally fair.  I love it.


So anyway I thought for my bday I’d share some other things I love.
My faves, I guess I should say till 35:
Song: past couple months is been Stressed Out by 21pilots but honestly it’s over played to me now just haven’t fell in love with anything else yet

TV show: there are so many but my must sees are The Originals and Bates Motel but I’m also watching The Vampire Diaries, My Crazy Ex Girlfriend,  Pretty Little Liars,  Reign,  How to Get Away With Murder, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and well this is getting confusing because many of them are on break so I’ll leave it at that,  lol.

Food: Craving Mexican and Pizza Cottage Subs,  for fast food is either Arby’s or Steak N shake.  I eat out a lot.

Movie: I think my fave from this past year was Sisters.  I went to the movies way more than ever before though.

Craft: Acrylic Painting and Planners
Thing to do: visit with my kids,  go to their sports functions and lady’s night every first Friday!

Drink: Bolthouse Farms juice and smoothies

Social networking: Instagram and Facebook

My relationship status is single and not looking,  just waiting for that perfect special someone.  And my daily need is my spirituality and faith in myself. Recovery is number one in my life,  I went to the first ever Ralley for Addiction Awareness in DC  last October and just did my first 5k in my hometown for recovery.

If you read all of this thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me.  I love looking back on these kinds of posts year after year. Blessed be and happy birthday to all of you on your special day!

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