My New Obsession

Planner land here I come!  I had so much fun this week researching planner things.  I’m sick of the boring scribbled in planner that usually gets thrown away a year later because it’s just a mess anyway.  Been wanting to start scrapbooking again and this is kinda the same thing.  So tonight,  yeah Friday night,  I took off to the land of memory planning!

To start with I went to Hobby Lobby,  one of my favorite places,  I actually have a hobby lobby budget that I swear I never live by lol. I was just looking around thinking how bad I didn’t want to wait to July to start my planner and realized they had a 6mo. expansion pack.  Ching Chang,  I buy a few things and leave.  On my way by Joanne Fabrics I remember buying dollar stickers from there in my scraping days and stop to see what they have. I got a few cheap washi tapes for a dollar each.  And yes they are cheap.


Then the first thing I did was remove the year 2017 because I don’t need all that unused paper in there.  Then added my 6 month expansive to the beginning to go from January to June 2016. Yes I’m back dating this year. I only marked the months and the month of April and I only did this previous weeks layout so far.  I did manage to make my own photo stickers using Microsoft Word,  my Epson printer, full page Avery shipping labels and my guillotine. I don’t avidly use Word but I remembered enough from all those years ago taking classes.

All in all it turned out fantastic.  I’m totally in love and obsessed.  I decided I’ll have to make time for this weekly because I want to record every breath of my childrens lives from now on. And of course I’d like to remember my blessed moments as well.  My memory hasn’t been the greatest over these years and I’m only getting older with my bday on Tuesday!

Thanks for reading.  Please like,  comment,  share and follow and I will check you out.  Love 💖

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