First post

Hey new blogger friends.  This is my first post!  I have sparingly blogged before but was having technical difficulties posting on the other app so decided to start fresh and try out WordPress.  So my name is Jessica and I put absolutely no thought into my domain name,  just kinda came to me after the first try was already taken.  But that’s exactly what I am and mostly of what I will be sharing.  I went to the depths of hell and back again. First off I lost custody of my children in 2007 but they are in my life today and I’m also blessed to have been given a second chance at motherhood and am pregnant with baby number 3!! Before you judge,  I have recovered.  One day at a time.  So I suppose my blog is mainly for me to share my journey through life,  the ups and downs of a person with co-occuring disorders.  This isn’t just a food blog,  or a travel blog, or a planner blog,  or a craft blog,  or a mommy blog or an addiction blog,  it’s all of those wonderful things and more.  Me sharing my awesomeness with you.  Hope you enjoy and stop back to see me soon.

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